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About the Company
Founded in 1990 and located in Colorado Springs, Colorado United Memories, Inc. is a Colorado corporation dedicated to serving its customers with innovative chip design and support services. UMI is a service company. UMI does not compete with its customers by selling semiconductor products. UMI sells only services. These services focus on three areas:

  1. The design and layout of integrated circuits to be built in the customer's FAB or foundry.
  2. Silicon analysis services on either UMI designed products or customer designed products.
  3. Patent evaluation and support services.

UMI specializes in the design of Dynamic Random Access Memories, DRAM. The CAD tools at UMI are primarily concentrated in the CMOS memory area. However, the engineers have extensive experience in circuit design of other types of semiconductor devices.

The Silicon analysis services at UMI are made possible by an installed base of over $4M of state-of-the-art failure analysis equipment. These services may be contracted as a turnkey service where UMI supplies the needed manpower or where the customer rents the UMI equipment on an hourly basis and supplies his own engineer/operator. More information on this part of UMI is given in the section of this site devoted to The Labs at United Memories.

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