We Are Rising 

    Grief means we’re missing you. 

    You’re missing from our immediate embrace. 

    The moments cut short with no time to prepare.

     The struggle to accept that you’re not there has wounded us.

     Knowledge, prevention, protection, a warning, a vaccine, better access to care...does anybody care? 

    WE DO.

    -Angela Ford Johnson

    We Can’t Breathe, Again

    Novel Coronavirus’ attack on lungs, and in essence, attack on breath, has disturbed every nation and population but has disproportionately affected Black communities making it so that we, Black people, once again can’t breathe. While our respective communities work to protect ourselves and slow the spread of COVID-19, we must promise to ourselves that we will not forget the Black lives lost to COVID-19. While remembering and honoring the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers, aunties, uncles, and friends lost, it is necessary that we demand accountability from inadequate health systems that led to many of their premature deaths. Too often, our stories go left untold and our pain and suffering silenced. Although the world at large may forget and ignore us, we must continue to respect the lives of those we have lost and remember that our Black lives matter.

    Black Ladies in Public Health Intern Summer 2020